ePMV for Cinema 4D r14

Post date: Aug 8, 2012 6:42:41 PM

•The r12 and r13 installations work in the r14 demo released by Maxon on August 7, 2012!

•There is still a bug in the menu folding widget in r14 that causes a menu section to disappear from the GUI if you fold it shut- we well ask Maxon to fix this as a priority, but you can just close ePMV and reopen it, then select your molecular in Current Selection to get the full GUI back.

•We will test Windows later today.

•The easiest way to install is to simply copy the epmv folder from your r13 C4DuserPreferencesR13Path/plugins/ into your r14 folder as C4DuserPreferencesR14Path/plugins/epmv. On a mac, if you make a soft link to your r13 version, then anytime you update ePMV it will apply across all version. See How To Update for details on this "smart" multiversion setup.