Install - how to get ePMV

ePMV runs as a plugin for your favorite professional 3D animation software application.

ePMV is now installed as part of a suite of scientific tools called the uPy Suite.

Click this image to go to the uPy Suite installation page to run ePMV:

Please click the image to go to the uPy Suite Installation page where you will select a version of the uPy Suite that matches the 3D animation software package you plan to use to run ePMV. You can expect the installation process to take between 2 and 5 minutes depending on your system, host, and experience level. You will install the full uPy suite, which includes ePMV and autoPACK/cellPACK as well as uPy, which allows ePMV and autoPACK to run in the 3D animation hosting software packages.