Quick Start

  1. Own or install one of the professional 3D applications that can host ePMV. If new to 3D, we recommend the demo version of Cinema4D for its ease of use.

  2. Have or install the latest version of MGL_Tools which contains ePMV.

  3. If you just finished installing ePMV and your host software of choice was open, you must quit it and restart for the plugin to be recognized.

  4. Load the plugin by referring to the menu guides shown below for either Cinema 4D, Blender, or Maya.

  5. An ePMV window should appear in your applications graphic user interface.

  6. By default, in Cinema 4D, ePMV will appear in a new window, in Blender, it will appear in the Scripts panel, in Maya it will appear in the Node editor.

  7. With 1crn pretyped into the first text box, click Fetch in the ePMV GUI.

  8. Check the [ ] Ribbon box.

  9. You should see a protein ribbon backbone for the protein crambin (identified as 1crn in the Protein Data Bank):

    1. The crambin ribbon should show two pink alpha helices (telephone chords) and two yellow beta strands (arrows) connected by white tubes

  10. Explore the plugin buttons and the professional software options for a moment. Then, before you get overwhelmed with all of the options, view our Tutorials page to start more serious project examples.

Please Note: ePMV is in beta version. If you encounter any errors Contact us to help us improve the software.