MGL & ePMV install (Linux)

Install MGLTools

Download the MGLToolsPackage v1.5.6 that matches your computer's operating system from the mgltools website MGLtools. You can currently run 64bit versions of MGLTools on Linux, but only 32bit versions exist for Mac and Windows systems. If you were already running a copy of MGLTools v1.5.6 from a nightly build earlier than November 5, 2010, you'll need to install a new copy using the .tar.gz version of the installer appropriate for your system. If you're a first time user, just download the installer.

Write down the choosen installation directory e.g. /home/usernameLudo/MGL/ during installation

Note: the MGLTools architecture must match the host software. Namely, if you have blender 2.49b in 64bit, you must install MGLTools in 64bits.

Integrate MGLTools into 3d software via ePMV

The installer application can be found in the $MGLTOOLS/bin directory. After Nov. 9, 2010, simply browse to this directory and double click the epmvInstall executable file. Alternatively (or for MGLTools versions Nov. 8th and earlier) you can run it using a single command in a terminal window and you'll only need to do this once. If you're unfamiliar with unix commands, you can find more details here : command line installation.The ePMV plugin should work next time you launch the host, and you should now be able to access ePMV under the specific host plugin menu. Check how to the get started page.

If you encounter any difficulties or error during this process check the troubleshooting page and the forum.