ePMV - blender


blender 2.49b

We have prepared a complete pacakge for blender 2.49b windows 32bits : The steps are now : Install Python2.6.6Download : epmv-blender-2.49b-windows32.zip Extract and laucn ePMV through Script->System->ePMV Again if you encounter any problem please contact us.Note : this version was tested working under wine.

blender 2.58

We are also preparing a similar package for blender2.58a.

MacOS Snow Leopard

blender 2.49b

Download : epmv-blender-2.49b-OSX-10.5-py2.5-intel.zip

Extract and laucn ePMV through Script->System->ePMV

Python2.5 may be required to be able to run epmv-blender

-blender 2.58

- Snow-Leopard 32Bits epm-blender-2.58a-OSX_10.6_i386.zip

- Snow-Leopard 64Bits epm-blender-2.58a-OSX_10.6_x86_64.zip

Unzip and launch blender.app. Then, you need to activate the plugin:

-> File ->User Preferences -> click on the Add-Ons Tab -> click on System -> click on the litlle check box next to ePMV -> open the file name epmv-blender.blend in the folder you just download/create just next to the application bundle (/Users/ludo/Downloads/blender-2.58a-OSX_10.6_x/) -> File -> Save User Setting You should now be able to launch epmv from the epmv icon or using the "Add->ePMV" menu item.ePMV will appear in the Object Tool shelf on the left of the 3dViewport.